Foursquare Improves SEO

Foursquare Improves SEO

Foursquare is a fun application that brick and mortar businesses can utilize to attract new clientele. It’s premise is simple. Once you claim your business on Foursquare, your customers can “check-in” each time they visit.

Settings can allow each check-in to be posted onto your customers Facebook page, which promotes your business to all of their friends. The check-in can include a photo and tips as well. As we all know, word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and Foursquare is a great form of online word of mouth recommendations.

But Foursquare goes beyond just word of mouth advertising. It also helps with your website’s Search Engine Optimization. SEO is important to help your site be found by the search engines and to rank high on the results pages. How can Foursquare help?

  • Proper Address: Having your address listed properly will help your business appear in localized searches.
  • Profile: Add some keywords to your business descriptions so your profile will appear in more places.
  • Links: When someone checks in to your business have a call to action inviting them to “like” you on Facebook and “follow” you on Twitter.
  • Promotions: Foursquare allows your business to set up special offers for your customers who check-in. These promotions can show up in search results giving your business more online real estate.

Foursquare has recently updated their look and made some changes. Photos are more prevalent, users can “heart” venues, tips, lists, and friends’ check-ins. The Explore tab now takes into consideration the time of day and weather, to give the most relevant information. The big change for merchants is still to come. Merchants will eventually be able to purchase promoted placement of specials.

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