Five benefits of organic traffic


Five benefits of organic traffic

Organic traffic

Slow and steady win the race, that’s what they say. When it comes to creating organic traffic for your website, it’s a process that may take some time, but in the end, you and your company will reap the benefits.


Before we go into the benefits of organic traffic, let’s discuss what organic traffic is. Unlike paid traffic or “referred” sites, organic traffic are websites that are found on search engines like google or yahoo. Your visits are tracked by the search engine sites to see where your visitors are coming from. Your sites’ paid visitors can be tracked, as well as your visitors coming through a search engine. If you have enough people visiting your site through a search engine, your rankings; or your visibility on the search engine will increase. That’s a huge asset to you and your website.

Organic-traffic-goCompetition online is stiff when it comes to rankings for websites. Many people pay for rankings to help boost the traffic they receive. Although it can help, if one doesn’t continue to pay for rankings, their regular traffic will eventually fizzle out. A website with organic traffic that has high visitors are significantly more competitive than their paid counterparts. Their visitors are coming in on their own and not being brought in by a paid outside source. Your high ranking will not change unless the quality of your content goes down. You will have more visibility on google (the most used search engine online), and your company will benefit from all of the eyes that land on your page threw SEO.

Organic traffic costs you nothing. As a matter of fact, it’s all benefit! Although it will cost you time to gain the position you want online, your business will reap the benefits. The time you spend and will still have a higher value than the money you will spend on paid advertising. If your website is well-maintained and attracting enough eyes, the return on the time you spent will be well worth it.


How many times do you click on the links on top of a search that says “ad” next to it? Do you normally skip those and click on the first “regular” website? Many people trust the regular site more. Your top-ranking site gives the reader a higher level of trust over the advertised site.

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