Find Your Business Value & Dominate Your Market

Find Your Business Value & Dominate Your Market

Even BIG DOGS look up to the wildly popular competitors of their industry. Regardless of how big or small your business feels, there will always be those that are bigger (and smaller!) than your own.

Sometimes, admiring these market leaders can become a daunting and discouraging task. We often glorify the likes of companies like Apple, Nike, and even the trajectory of Mark Zuckerberg’s FACEBOOK, as entirely chalked up to luck. And, it would be foolish to admit that luck didn’t play even the smallest of roles in their relative success. But, that perpetual success is the result of a greater understanding of unique value, and how each business proactively enforces this value specific to their market.

Enforcing value is easy to do since it should be specific to your business. Learn the following steps, employ them toward your business marketing campaign, and watch your followers, return on investment, and overall visibility increase.

Establish Your VALUE

The value of a business will always be specific to that business. The most influential factors of a business, which will ultimately lock in followers, comprise a business’ value.

It’s not to say that your business must be offering the BEST of everything, but there are surely some features that help you stand apart from the crowd. At our Long Island, New York web design firm, we offer impeccable design, custom programming, competitive prices, and unmatched customer service. We know that these basic offerings are valuable to specific individuals in need of these product features.

At the end of the day, Nike does not provide the most cost-effective sneaker solution, Starbucks doesn’t offer the largest selection of java, and IKEA isn’t the fanciest home décor. However, these companies possess something VALUABLE for a specified clientele that, therefore, has them coming back time and time again.

While Nike isn’t the most cost-effective, the product is efficient, high-quality, and fashionable. So, the tradeoff in monetary expenditure for the Nike demographic will be fulfilled with these other lucrative commodities.

Find out what makes your company the BEST CHOICE for your target clientele, and deliver!

PROVE Your Value

Have you ever passed by a café with signage reading, “Best COFFEE in Town!” and didn’t believe it? Of course you didn’t! Because, on WHAT basis does this café have agency to make that sort of claim? None. Unless there is Proof, people are not going to believe that you’re the best.

What’s more than simply being the BEST is actually PROVING you’re the best and forcing people to BELIEVE this claim.

The reality behind compelling people to believe is this: without belief, your value is null!

Proof can be executed in a number of ways, depending on the claim you’re staking about your business. And, each respective claim should be proved via different means. Let’s say you want to communicate that your web design company produces the most innovative designs in New York! People are going to simply believe you by reading a statement, or even viewing your STELLAR portfolio. Bolster that portfolio with legitimate testimonials from your most valuable clients. Use your important clients to your advantage and collect a statement from no one better than the actual clients!

Proof through testimonials is often the best form of payment you can receive, in addition to the best referral for future business.

SHOW Your Followers Your VALUE

The final step in securing your value within the minds of clients and followers is to literally SHOW them how you can help them.

You might have the best pizza in town or the best web design services, but now you need to show people why you’re the best.

What can you give them? (Aside from the best pizza or web design services)

Maybe your pizza is made fresh to order, with the finest ingredients, and offered at the most competitive price!

Or, perhaps your web design team can lock down online sales and increase conversions for any business!

Whatever you promise people about your business, make it loud and make it clear. Your website is the perfect hub for compelling your value. And, the headline is a perfect means for communicating this value, but you should do everything within your power to communicate your worth throughout the entirety of your site.

The fact is that people are compelled to buy your product or service, when they are convinced they haven’t seen it elsewhere, nor can they find it elsewhere.


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