Facebook Changes… Again

Facebook Changes… Again

Facebook was the big topic in the world of social media this past week. There were rumors. There were facts. There were tips. There was confusion and there were headaches.

The good news for most folks is that there are experts in social media, who keep up with this stuff, who weed out the important information, and who know what to do with it. We, here at On Top Visibility, have been watching closely and developing methods to best help our clients.

First of all, Facebook will NOT be charging for use. This ugly rumor rears its ugly head from time to time and spreads like a virus all throughout the Internet. So relax about this one.

Next, Facebook has made changes. OK, here we have some facts and the complaints have been streaming in. But let’s put this into perspective. This is not the first time that Facebook has introduced changes and, we’re sorry to tell you, it will not be the last time. Facebook has, in fact, made numerous changes in the past. With each change, came a barrage of complaints and fear, followed by acceptance and, dare we say, even enjoyment. Here’s some more perspective. There are currently more than 800 million Facebook users. The number of people who have voiced their complaints represent just a teeny tiny percentage.

Criticism for Facebook would undoubtedly be even greater, if they failed to evolve and keep up with the ever-changing worlds of technology and social media. So here at On Top Visibility, we will embrace the changes and see the positives they can provide for our customers.

Facebook just set a record for the most visitors in one day …. 500 million! For businesses that utilize Facebook, that is huge. So stop worrying. Stop listening to rumors. Start listening to experts. Start using Facebook to enhance your business!

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