Why Every Business Should Have a Blog

Why Every Business Should Have a Blog

visibility on the webDoes your company have a blog? If it doesn’t, you may be missing out on one of the most effective methods of online marketing to increase visibility on the web.

Blogging is a lot of work, and it takes up a considerable amount of time, but running an effective and informative blog can eventually pay for itself.

Here’s why every company should have a blog on their website:

Blogs Drive Traffic To Your Website
On average, companies that post more than 15 blogs per month get five times the traffic. After all, users that type your name into a search engine are likely already customers. Blog posts can draw in a whole new customer base.

Consider how many pages there are on your website. There probably aren’t that many when it comes down to it, and they may not even be updated that often, giving customers very little incentive to return.

Blog posts spice up your website with new material on a regular basis, giving customers something not just to read, but to share. Blogging can increase your presence on social media once your readers start sharing useful content. And this won’t just keep your readers interested. It’ll also draw attention to your site from search engines, which brings us to…

Blogs Give You More Indexed Pages
Each time you write a blog post, it gives your site one more indexed page. It also alerts Google and other search engines to the fact that your website is active and updated, encouraging them to check in frequently to see if you have any new, useful content.

Blogs actually provide websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links. Each one of those indexed pages gives you another chance to show up on a search engine through an organic search. About 92% of marketers consider content marketing like blogs “very” or “somewhat” effective for SEO, so create as much content as you can!

Blogs Establish Authority
Increasing your visibility on the web won’t do much good if your blog posts are generic and unhelpful. Blog posts give you a perfect chance to show off your expertise and prove to customers that you know what you’re talking about through how-to guides and explanations. This is a less measurable form of success, but building your authority on a topic is a crucial way to keep customers and search engines hooked.

Sometimes it’s hard to measure the efficacy of certain internet marketing techniques, but there’s no denying that a blog is a major way to increase a company’s visibility on the web.

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