Don’t Commit These Social Media Blunders

Don’t Commit These Social Media Blunders

At our New York web design company, we do a great deal of branding for both small and large businesses. Much of our online marketing strategy resides within a social media campaign, that we encourage all clients to take advantage of. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are kind of a BIG DEAL.

And, not only are they highly pervasive and effective tools for recreational use, but businesses are banking off of them as well. While these sites have the power to leverage a business’ online presence, they are also quite confounding and overwhelming when you don’t know how to go about a social media campaign.

So, here are some blunders your business should avoid, as they happen at rampant levels on all the platforms:

*NOT Using Social Media Altogether

One of the fiercest blunders you can commit in the world online marketing is to avoid using social media altogether. We understand that these platforms might be beyond your realm of understanding. However, the simple fact that social media pervades the daily lives of individuals, consumers, and businesses alike is all the more reason to jump on the education train and LEARN! Start with one platform and go from there. Each social media landscape encompasses a unique fan base and culture, so you are opening your business up to a very unique method of acquiring clients.

*Believing ‘Likes’ Are One and the Same as SALES

From a credibility perspective, acquiring “likes” on Facebook and tons of followers on Twitter are beneficial to your online reputation, no doubt! However, don’t confuse “likes” with sales. They are certainly not the same. Of course, it’s fun to see how many “likes” you can get regarding certain posts, weighing what works and what doesn’t, and the rest of it. However, the number of “likes” you receive will not convert to sales. Therefore, “likes” should not be your main point of interest on the social media platforms.

*Not Listening to Fans/Followers

Once you’ve attained fans on any of these platforms, they should immediately be regarded as special and unique clients. When they have comments or concerns, your attentiveness is paramount! If they have complaints, tend to them. If they have questions, answer them. If they have comments, communicate with them. It is within your best interest to make your business page operate like a stream of communication, and NOT you talking AT your fans. Of course you need to share special offers, top industry news, and market your brand, but your fans will benefit far more from your engagement with them and your enthusiasm in building a community of trust and meaning.

*Not Keeping a Posting Schedule

The very concept of branding lends itself to consistency in all respects. Whether it’s your tone, logo, customer service, and even your social media identity, you must be consistent. One of the best ways to elicit consistency in regard to your brand is to create a regular posting schedule amongst social media platforms. If you post 3 times in one week and then fail to post at all the following, you’re essentially leaving your fans in the dust and without any explanation for it. If you gain a loyal following, your fans will come to expect and eagerly anticipate your posts. And, your kind customer service will always be a priceless commodity to your business success.

*Attempting to Master ALL THE SOCIAL NETWORKS

In the last decade, the social media landscape has nearly quadrupled since its inception. This can be an overwhelming and intimidating culture to keep up with. Rather than dive in head first to all of the social media platforms, choose one or two and put a great deal of energy into truly connecting, engaging, and influencing fans on these. Some networks are more beneficial to you and your brand than others, and that’s just a fact. So, figure out which platforms work and dominate!

Social media is a constantly emerging culture, which makes it so exciting and unique. That is why staying fresh and keeping your head in the game is so important, so that you don’t fall behind. Blunders are easy to commit on small levels, but don’t let these HUGE mistakes be the cause of your social media nonexistence.

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