Dominating Content Marketing

Dominating Content Marketing

In the vast world of content marketing and web design, there are countless blog posts, advice articles, and expert opinions on how to get content shared.  Some might say you need to blog.  Others might say you need to have a presence on social media.  While, still, others might say you need both and then some.  What’s interesting about content marketing is that, in general, there are some basic rules that simply work for any industry.

Shared content is the best way to quantify what makes content desirable and, even better, viral.  Whether it’s a funny photo, truly insightful article, or post that acts on people’s emotions, there are some very specific ways in which to captivate viewers and compel mass awareness.

Instead of focusing on actually getting your content shared, focus on creating content that will naturally get shared by default of its greatness.

Check Out Your Social Media Marketing Feeds to See What Works

social media marketing

Unless you’re Apple, Nike, Starbucks, or any other empire brand, you should probably stop aiming to acquire millions of page likes.  Absolutely, these brands are doing much more than implementing ROCKSTAR social media campaigns, but it’s time that you focus on what other local brands and friends are sharing on social feeds.

There are very specific kinds of content that generate engagement, and compel people to look and share.

Do you use Facebook personally?  Ridiculous question.  Of course you do.  Rather than stress over what to publish on your business feed, take a moment to browse your personal social feeds.  What kind of content gets repetitively shared?  As you scroll through your feed, you’ll probably notice a variety of memes, high-res photos, inspiring quotes, funny videos, and the like.  Some of the pages you follow generate higher engagement than others, and that’s because the content they share possesses information that people actually want to see.

“What kind of content do people actually want to see?” you might ask.

Share Content That Makes People…

content that makes people

*Feel smart:

Learning is all about context, and if you can school folks in a fun, visual, and brief manner, they will want to learn.

*Feel part of a community:

Think about creating content that creates a sense of belonging.  You’ve seen countless BuzzFeed articles about niche communities that tap into everything from where we’re from, childhood, or work industry.  So long as a mass group of specific individuals can relate to your content, you’re on the right track.

*Feel like laughing:

There will rarely be a time that people don’t want to laugh.  Social media platforms are rampant with funny posts that become viral, at grandiose levels.  Your industry possesses something that is inherently funny, or becomes funny to those who are immersed in your industry.  Share these funny things with your followers.

*Feel inspired:

Everything from extraordinary quotes, success stories, and emotionally-driven content can create inspiration for people.  Whether it’s artistic, funny, or even sad, acting on people’s basic emotions, for some reason, compels attention.

Now that you know the general tricks, you can tailor these to your industry and viewers.  At the end of the day, focus on creating compelling content that your viewers need and want before prioritizing how to get your content shared.

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