How Content Can Help Sell More Products for your Business

How Content Can Help Sell More Products for your Business

When you consider all of the various portals that your business has to market products, there’s a pretty ridiculous amount of content that can be composed to leverage these sales! Everything from your ecommerce website, blog, newsletters, emails, and plethora of social media campaigns can be included in your AWESOME content strategy!

Managing an online business, much less selling products online, is hard work! Don’t get it twisted. With competitors running the gamut, it sometimes seems impossible to stand out and surpass their smart tactics. However, a proper content marketing strategy can help you compel site visitors to purchase YOUR products, garner trust and client loyalty, and strategically impact Google’s rankings so that you are visible to prospective clients seeking your products.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these content marketing tips:

Organize and Outline Your Content Goals:

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Understanding who you’re marketing your products toward and how to achieve your goals takes a great deal of research and organization. Just like you were instructed in grade school, make a goal/action outline:

*Define Goals:

Maybe you want to sell “X” amount of products by a particular date. Or, maybe you’d like to sell more of a particular item. Whatever the case may be, you need to outline your clear, precise goals, so that you know what it is you wish to achieve…as opposed to mere SUCCESS! WHAT KIND OF SUCCESS??

*Identify Target Customers:

Who are you selling to? If you know your demographic is 18-24 year olds, use language, graphics, and tone that accurately markets toward that demographic.

*Construct Details of Content Campaign:

Now you’re about ready to begin implementing content to make your big sale. What kind of content do you need to include? To whom are you delivering the content? What time of the day? And, how will this impact the products you sell?

*Implement Content:

This will entail everything from the language, media, style, tone, formatting you wish to implement on the actual pages that your content exists.

Use Your Strategic Keywords:

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This is one of the smartest and most effective ways to target the RIGHT individuals and get them to make the call to action. It’s basically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101!

Every industry has keywords! You can use the Google keyword tool to intelligently select the most searched, accurate keywords for your specific business. By researching your keywords and implementing them throughout the pages of your website, you will naturally be attracting clients who are searching for exactly what you’re selling. This is called “smart content” and you’d be super SMART to initiate a keyword content stratagem.

Create Content that Encourages Visitors to Participate:

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Contests are a GREAT way of generating new and existing traffic to your site, by providing an incentive via content. Not only is your content driving people to check out your products, but by asking people to “compete” for a final prize, and further providing a winner incentive, participation will spike! Even if you’re giving something away for free regarding the contest, the amount of traffic and prospective customers driven to your site would truly be a priceless maneuver. And, you WILL make a return on your investment!

Check out Your Competitor’s Content:

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Looking at your competitor’s platforms is not cheating! You need to see what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, in order to monitor your own content campaign.

What products are they selling?

What language are they using?

How much language are they using?

What’s the look and feel of their site?

What content exists throughout payment?

Are there promotions granted to purchasers?

Do they link to their social media?

These are just SOME of the questions you should be asking yourself as you survey your competitor’s site. You can use this acquired information as a “how-to/how-NOT-to” guide when implementing your own content strategy. See what works for them and what doesn’t. If a particular aspect of their ecommerce site is infiltrated with too much content that detracts customers from making a purchase, you can use that as a tool to down-scale content on your own site.

Master your Writing Skills:

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Writing is certainly not everyone’s forte! We understand that. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn some new writing skills and improve what you’ve already got going on.

As far as your business is concerned, you have a brand! Maybe it’s not the LOUDEST and most identifiable brand, but you’ve got one! You need to write your content so that it not only fits your brand’s image, but also fits your personal writer’s voice. Your writing should, ultimately, be enjoyable and conversational to read. If it’s not enjoyable for YOU, the writer, why would someone else want to read it? That means that you need to accurately lock down your business’s tone with some witty yet appropriate language.

Check out some of the most successful business social media sites, blogs, and the like in your industry. Businesses are constantly informing their customers about new products, promotions, and FUN (in FUN WAYS) that entice readers to keep coming back.

Implement More Incentives During Payment:

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The payment process is usually an attention-captivating moment for most individuals. As such, you should implement more incentives during this process. Perhaps you might want to boost your social media stance. This is an opportunity to encourage your purchasing customer to share their AWESOME BUY on Facebook or Twitter! This is also the opportunity to showcase a “things you might also like…” initiative, shout-out your blog, request customer reviews, or prompt a survey.

All of these incentives encourage your customers to offer further insight on your business as a whole, or make another call to action. Why WOULDN’T you request more from your customers, when they’re already in a heightened state of awareness? And these incentives will ALWAYS benefit you and your online business.

Make Your Content Sharable:

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Social media is currently the most pervasive and effective means of marketing viral content and selling products online. Between all of the different social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and the like, your possibilities to SHARE information about your business are endless. AND, because of the voyeuristic nature of these sites, you will be targeting MORE than just your loyal followers!

When someone purchases a product on your site, you should give them the opportunity to SHARE this sweet deal with their friends. Maybe you’ve offered a discounted holiday price that others might be interested in. Maybe you’re willing to cut 2 new individuals a sweet deal after your friend shares their purchase on Facebook. In any regard, making your website more accessible to individuals via social media, at EVERY ANGLE, will undeniably bring you more traffic and increased business.

Initiate Mobile Accessibility:

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I know we spend a great deal of time discussing the digitization of our culture. However, even more pervasive than this digital shift as of late, is the mobile omnipresence of life.

Folks are not only conducting most of their shopping, purchasing, and news retrieval via digital means, but they are further doing so on their phones! Not just any phones – SMART phones!!!!!!!!!

Since mobile shopping is conducted on a, typically, smaller screen than a desktop, it’s important to make your products and site user-friendly for your mobile-goers! Adapt your products to modules that are mobile friendly, allowing mobile users to view the hottest items first and not be bombarded and detracted by content blocks. You will want to prioritize your products based on easy browsing, sharing, and popular items.

If you think people have acute attention spans on regular desktops, cut that attention in half on a mobile device. That should heighten your inclination to utilize short product descriptions with easy drop down modules for efficient viewing.

Content Really IS ALL Around………………

So employ a SMART, EFFICIENT, & INNOVATIVE content marketing strategy! Cater to your customers because, while they are perhaps NOT ALWAYS RIGHT, they are your primary source of success!

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