Common SEO Myths That Need to Be Squashed

Common SEO Myths That Need to Be Squashed

online presenceThere can no longer be any doubt that 2016 is the year of the online marketing company. TV stations, newspapers, and even websites are noticing that the best web marketers are sucking up what used to be reliable advertising income.

That’s because there are many methods of online marketing that will boost your online presence, from social media platforms to responsive website design. One of the most successful forms of online marketing is search engine optimization. However, considering the fact that there is so much information floating around on the web about SEO, it is important to differentiate SEO myths from facts.

To help you out, here are some common SEO myths in 2016 that just need to be squashed.

Myth: SEO is dead
This couldn’t be more false, although some of those print newspapers we mentioned might wish it was. Consumers are using search engines more than ever nowadays, so it is important you do all your can to increase your online presence. Don’t forget, about 75% of all search engine users do not scroll past the first page of their search results, making SEO more important than ever.

Myth: SEO is only about adding the right keywords
While keywords are exceptionally important to any successful SEO campaign, SEO is much more than a few words on a page. Since search engines are constantly changing, it is important to always change your tactics. Plus, studies have shown that creating relevant content is what makes the biggest impact, rather than simply using a few keywords on a landing page.

Myth: You will get a higher ranking if you have a lot of different web pages
Quality should definitely be preferred over quantity. Even though you are encouraged to create as many web pages as you like, it is important to concentrate solely on how these pages will optimize your online presence and bring more customers to your business. Don’t go creating extra pages just because.

Myth: Optimizing my website for mobile is a waste of time.
False! Consumers are attached to their mobile devices, which means they will do anything from checking their social media accounts to shop while on the go. This means that they will most likely be going on your site on a smaller screen, which requires proper mobile website optimization. If you do not do this, chances are the customer will become frustrated and leave the website before discovering the goods and services you offer.

As an online marketing technique, SEO is on the rise. Just keep these myths in mind before you launch your next SEO campaign.

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