Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2015

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2015

If you’re using professional search engine optimization services to manage your reputation online, you should make sure that you’re using SEO to help your business rather than hurt it. Here are a few things you may be doing wrong:

Putting Metrics and Search Engine Optimization Before User Experience

If you’re trying to use SEO to help your business, there’s a good chance you’ve accidentally created subpar content at some point. Writing meaningless fluff with carefully placed keywords to boost your rankings may be working now, but as Google continues to put out new algorithms, it may not be effective for long.

Google, which owns 65 to 70% of the world search engine market, is trying to create the best possible experience for its users, which means your meaningless article may be filtered out soon. Take a page from Google’s book and try to create a great experience for your visitors. It takes more work but it will pay off over time.

Thinking that More Links is Better than Quality Links
Links still matter going into 2015. It’s just the type of link that matters that has changed. You no longer want a flood of mediocre links leading users to your page. You want a few solid links on quality sources. This will boost your ranking more than hundreds of low quality spam links. Focus on quality over quantity, even when it seems counter-intuitive to you.

Running a Disorganized SEO Program
You won’t be able to use SEO to help your business if your SEO plan is all over the place. Each aspect of internet marketing is connected, from PPC to content marketing. Make sure you have a good workflow and solid communication between departments, and find a way to quickly share information. You can use a cloud system or something like Google Drive to keep all information and SEO Analysis data in one place.

Adding Too Many Pages
>While blogs can give websites more indexed links and pages and are 63% more likely to influence purchasing decisions than newspapers, adding more pages to your website in general won’t boost its search engine rankings. Focus on improving the content you have rather than continually adding more.
Avoid these mistakes and you should be that much closer to a great SEO strategy.

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