CMS: You Don’t Have to Be Mark Zuckerberg to Manage Your Business’s Website

CMS: You Don’t Have to Be Mark Zuckerberg to Manage Your Business’s Website

It would be a lie to say that building a custom website is easy. If that were true, the website design and online marketing industries would be suffering terribly right now. However, it’s a very lucrative time for web design, online marketing, branding, and digital companies everywhere.

Because the digital frenzy has touched almost every facet of our lives, individuals and their businesses who normally don’t occupy the digital landscape are, well, doing so! But, fear not!!!!! Please refer to the title of this blog post:::::::

CMS: You Don’t Have to Be Mark Zuckerberg to Manage Your Business’s Website!!!!


Content Management System (CMS) platforms allow “non-Zuckerberg’s” the efficiency of managing their website in an easy, seamless manner. The CMS platform allows an individual to essentially create, edit, delete, and publish content from one central interface.

Management is super easy because all of your website pages are labeled and editable in a, virtually, self-explanatory nature.

Again, customized web coding and development is a product of skilled and often expert sophistication. However, the CMS allows for a truly unique and approachable means for even the biggest Luddites around.

Managing Your CMS is EASY!

I swear! CMS platforms are designed on one single, central interface. “Okay, what does that mean?!?!?!?!” said the computer illiterate business owner.

Well, take a look at that sweet graphic to the left. That’s a screen shot of a WordPress CMS dashboard. THIS is the central interface that easily communicates every page of your website. As you can see, it’s almost rudimentary to discover the makings of your website, since each page is labeled respectively. By simply clicking on any of the pages, you are free to add/edit/delete content, media, photos, and the like at your leisure. Knock yourselves out!!!!

Using the CMS dashboard is simple and you can take my word for it. However, “learning by DOING” is the ultimate lesson in learning the “ins” and “outs” of your website via CMS. By clicking through the CMS, you will learn more effectively than anyone could every TELL you.

Grant Specified Access to your Site

Part of MANAGING your business’s website includes delegating and eliminating access to the back end. Just like a shop owner or corporate big-wig orchestrates varying degrees of authority and inclusion throughout a business, you can offer the same sense of security within your site.

Managing a CMS allows you to grant administrative roles to certain individuals by logging into the site securely. Further, you can even grant access to only a specific number of pages for these individuals. For instance, you might have a large ecommerce site that you don’t want tampered with by other employees. You might simply grant one individual the access to only your website blog, where he/she can edit and manage only this aspect of your business.

Add Fresh Content to keep it SEO-Friendly

Another luxury of your CMS, and how approachable it is to use, also directly coincides with allowance for fresh and unique content. Making sure your content is up to date is truly important for marketing toward search engines, specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fresh, relevant content is one of the most effective ways of implementing a basic SEO campaign, which targets search engines and allows for your site to be effectively crawled by Google.

In addition, CMS platforms allow for easy installation of SEO plugins. Specifically, the WordPress All in One SEO Pack plugin optimizes your CMS blog for the search engines. With the convenience of this plugin, you are able to create unique title and meta descriptions for each page of your website. This meta data is a slightly more savvy feature of SEO that will immediately populate fields straight from your platform.

Update Your Site Wherever, Whenever!

The ability to update your business website whenever you want, and wherever you want, is another incredible luxury of the CMS. So long as you have access to both the Internet and a computer, you can log into your platform and make any changes you need.

Being able to manage your business at any moment is not only a luxury in this digital age, but further a necessity. As a business owner who might conduct sales solely via ecommerce site, immediate access to your website at all times is paramount.

As many business owners are transitioning to a web-friendly persona, managing your website on your own is essential. You should not only be able to easily learn how to update your website, but further be able to do so whenever you need to. The advent of the CMS platform allocates this liberty to non-experts, non-developers, and all the rest!

Don’t feel overwhelmed and compelled to go back to school for web coding in order to run your online business. Simply, consider the luxuries of a CMS platform and the approachable, yet highly sophisticated, website you can achieve for your success.

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