Celebrate With Business Discounts

Celebrate With Business Discounts

Businesses often take advantage of holidays and other calendar events (back to school) to offer a deal or a discount. However, with websites dedicated to couponing, and services like Groupon, consumers are trying to cut corners year-round.

Technology has completely transformed the coupon, innovating creative ways to save. The web has literally turned saving money into a game. Facebook’s built-in Deals for businesses allow groups & individuals to earn rewards for checking in a certain number of times – strengthening customer loyalty and regularly exposing your business (and your deal) to their friends.

Google has recently jumped into the game as well, unveiling their latest project: Google Offers. Their platform will deliver discounts right to your inbox based on your interests and location. Learn more about Google Offers in the video below:


Offering & advertising an online coupon is easy, and many platforms let you do so for free – no need to buy an ad space in your local paper! If you’re interested in beginning your own online coupon campaign, consider a few things before deploying.

  • Which online platform is best for your business to offer a deal on (To name a few: Yelp, Groupon, Facebook Deals, Google Offers, Foursquare)?
  • Do you have a functional, mobile-friendly website or social media presence to advertise your deal?
  • What kind of offer will engage your customers the most? What are your competitors offering?
  • Keep it simple, fresh, and limited – set expiration date or a redemption cap.

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