How BuzzFeed Can Teach You About Blogging

How BuzzFeed Can Teach You About Blogging

If there’s one thing we’re all guilty of, it’s habitually scouring the fantastically funny pages of BuzzFeed.  Whether it’s a blog about “people you won’t believe actually exist” or “35 grilled cheese sandwiches better than your boyfriend or girlfriend,” we’re all reading and sharing.

BuzzFeed possesses a simplicity and authenticity that is truly honest and demanding of one’s respect.  Of course, there are a number of other elements evident in each blog post making the BuzzFeed brand so effective.  We’re here to break those down and show you how your business, no matter what industry you serve, might learn a thing or two about blogging by tipping your hat to BuzzFeed:

*People love lists

lists 1

When a list doesn’t consist of things that people need TO DO, lists are generally enjoyable things to read.  While lists posts are sometimes regarded as “fluff,” possessing less substance than other news formats, this is not always the case.  The reasons lists work so well is because our attention spans for consuming large amounts of written content are shrinking.  The list provides an “easy to digest” format, that allows readers to focus on key elements and spot the main points of the blog quickly.  This is not to say that every blog post you publish need to consist of a list format, but using the BuzzFeed method from time to time will help your readership.

*GIF’s are fun and command attention


One of the wisest things BuzzFeed does rampantly is publish articles featuring a highly visual marketing campaign.  From photos to videos and the almighty GIF, people love to read the BuzzFeed articles because they stimulate our most immediate sense: sight.  Let’s face it, we can digest a photo (not to mention, a MOVING photo) much faster than we can text.  And, yes, you’d be absolutely correct in assuming that not all industries are readily equipped to throw up animated GIFs in their blog posts.  However, it’s certainly wise to consider the appeal and effectiveness of photos to complement your language.

*Posting ON THE REG is GOOD


When people come to appreciate a blogger, they further anticipate and expect posts on a routine schedule.  BuzzFeed is sort of a BIG DOG in the realm of posting schedule, in that they post around the clock.  They are probably staffed with hundreds of writers and designers, cranking out compelling content and scheduling their posts to fire off at all hours of the day.  Your business might not be able to deploy such a rampantly post-heavy blog, and that’s fine.  But, what you can do is create content regularly and schedule posts on a routine basis.  Your loyal followers will notice, anticipate, and appreciate your consistency.

*Talk thoughtfully to each specific audience


The nature of the BuzzFeed article is heavily reliant on pop culture.  The writers quickly realized that these posts receive the most feedback and sharing, so they’ve wisely responded to this traction by producing more of that kind of content.  It’s important to ask your business who your readers are.  Who are they?  What do they want/need?  These questions will help you create the best “voice” for your brand’s blog and better deliver content to those who are actually looking for what you’re exporting.

BuzzFeed is NOT a vast wasteland of pop culture fluff, contrary to what it might appear to be.  All joking aside, their brand is rapidly growing and commanding the attention of various demographics on the Internet.  Use their tactics for blogging and see who gets the last laugh.


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