Your Business’s Good Will in Return for Online Marketing Success

Your Business’s Good Will in Return for Online Marketing Success

By now, you have probably heard about Karen H. Klein. You might have even seen the video showing a group of 12 – 15 year old’s, verbally abusing her while she performed her duties as bus monitor. The video went viral and touched people in such a manner, that they wanted to reach out and make a difference in this woman’s life.

So why is On Top Visibility writing about this? How does this information help you as a business owner? Well, for one, it highlights the power of the Internet and serves as an example of how “word of mouth” has shifted upon Internet. Secondly, it shows how a business can begin with the intentions of helping a person or community, and can end up creating free advertising and online marketing.

Reddit and Indiegogo have received international attention thanks to the actions of one person, Max Siderov. Siderov learned of the bullying incident on Reddit and created a fundraiser on Indiegogo, because he felt that Ms. Klein deserved the vacation of a lifetime. His goal was to raise $5000.00 which was reached in under 5 hours. The number is now over $700,000.00!

The main story here is, of course, about Ms. Klein and the actions of the children on the bus. Focus has been on issues of bullying, parenting, and respect for others as it should be. The underlying story is how a business can help itself while helping others.  it appears that a business’s good will might be the best form of online marketing there is.

As you read or watch the news, or as you have discussions about what is happening in your community, look for opportunities where your business can offer help. Be creative in your thinking. Does your business offer a service that can help? Do you have a product which is in need? Can you and your employees volunteer time and man power to help a cause? Again, the main goal is to support a cause and this is by far the most important aspect of offering your help. The fact that you can create good will for your company and obtain some free online marketing is a side perk which just may result in new business.

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