Build a ROCKSTAR Facebook FAN Page

Build a ROCKSTAR Facebook FAN Page

Many businesses are under the impression that merely creating a Facebook fan page is enough to drive their social media presence through the roof. Unfortunately, the Facebook fan page does not operate under the Field of Dreams motto, “If you build it, they will come.” You need to put some good, old-fashioned work, and love, into your Facebook fan page, in order to reap the benefits of social media exposure.

IT’s ALL ABOUT THE LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, sometimes, getting “liked” is harder than it seems….both physically and digitally! Acquiring fans and followers is a business Facebook fan page’s biggest goal! And, while it might seem like an easy feat, compelling people to click that iconic blue “like” thumb is harder than it looks. But, FEAR NOT! The online marketing experts at our Long Island, New York website design company have compiled some ROCKSTAR strategies to get those Facebook fans flowing!


This is, arguably, your biggest goal as a business on Facebook. And, ironically, acquiring mass “likes” is often the result of already possessing mass likes! However, you can certainly achieve a following by simply being wise about the way you share and distribute your content. DO ANY and/or ALL of the following:

*Write a blog article about your Facebook page: Assuming you have website visitors, posting a blog article about your new Facebook endeavor is a great first step. EVERYONE has a personal Facebook page! And, if you let all of your loyal business followers know that you’re implementing an online marketing strategy with Facebook, they will more than likely support this action and “like” your page.

*Share your Facebook action via Twitter: Cross social media marketing is another savvy way to promote your Facebook fan page. And, with the likelihood of retweets (RT) and viral sharing that goes on via Twitter, you can procure a hefty following by doing this.

*ASK for followers: Sometimes the most logical thing to do is often the most elusive. You want more followers, so why not simply ask people to kindly “like” your page? Many big-wigs in various industries do this from time to time, regarding countless themes. “Follow this person…,” “Like this page….,” and the rest of it!


One HUGE fan page faux pas is when a business uses social media to ONLY post links to their blog. Aside from your social media serving solely, and selfishly, as an online advertising platform, you’re deterring future fans by making your page appear like SPAM.

If you do have fans, you run the risk of boring them to tears with content they’ve more than likely already seen on your blog. Try the following instead:

*Make it more “emotionally” stimulated: rehashing your blog content does nothing to tap into your fans’ emotional responses. And social media, much like any strategic marketing platform, works best when attacking the emotional receptors of visitors. Thus, implementing variety and unique, thoughtful posts (that don’t always link back to your business or your blog) will bolster your fan following.

*Implement images: Visual marketing has become the face of marketing at large. And images, specifically, are the number one shared/liked item on Facebook. The fact that images are so rampantly favored goes to show you that you should be employing this on your own Facebook fan page. Images are both emotionally stimulating and easy to digest, making them the perfect social media post.


If there’s one thing worse than a Facebook fan page that only links back to its website’s blog, it’s a Facebook fan page that abandons followers. A successful fan page often encourages and receives fan involvement. Often times, this involvement demands the attention and expertise of the business itself. That’s your cue to shine…and, not only shine, but further show off your human-like qualities, customer care, and affability.

*Show us your personality: Another attractive feature of your Facebook fan page is the ability to endorse your brand on a more approachable manner. While your business’s website might not afford the full-scale luxury to let your personality shine, your Facebook page certainly does. Connecting with fans and acquiring new ones will happen with more ease and value.

*COMMUNICATE with Fans: While it is certainly challenging to monitor and maintain all comments and questions, responding in a timely manner (or any manner!) is what will set you apart from competitors. People love attention, especially when they don’t suspect that they’re going to receive it. Customer service is second to NONE in regard to business, and Facebook fan pages should be no different. In fact, your customer care could mean the difference between losing already-existing fans and acquiring an exceptionally larger amount of new ones.


There are number of ways in which fans/followers share appreciation for your Facebook fan page: Like, Shares, Comments! These are all great for your online visibility. However, a newer measurement to advertise your fan pages’ popularity and value is the “talking about it” number. Located beside the number of fan page “likes,” this articulates the users who are readily interacting and uniquely visiting your page within the last week. And, if your page boasts a hefty amount of fan “likes,” logic would demonstrate that a hefty amount of individuals are also “talking about” your site. Here are some tips on how to bolster that:

*Publish ALL kinds of content: One of the most effective ways to get people to pay attention and “like” your page is to promote content that runs the gamut. Photos, videos, blog posts from your website, blog posts from others’ websites, links to thoughtful articles, and the rest of it! For every individual who doesn’t show interest in form of content you promote, there’s sure to be one who does! And, you can cover your bases by promoting content for all kinds of people.

*Publish content frequently: If you’ve ever followed a blog that you love, you understand the eager anticipation associated with frequent posts. As a business that provides helpful information, it is within your interest to publish frequently and within a schedule that your followers can readily anticipate. A realistic goal would be to share 5 stories a week.

*Enforce powerful call to action: Posting content on your Facebook fan page is the perfect opportunity to elicit calls to action. And, Facebook is the perfect platform for you to explicitly ask or request fans to “like, share, comment, etc.” on the content at hand. Calls to action should be clear and, ultimately, request fan involvement regarding your content.


While we just spent a moment urging you to keep your Facebook fan page content readily flowing, you also don’t want to bombard with massive and intrusive updates. Finding a healthy balance is the key, so as not to overwhelm your fans into NON-fans! Our Long Island, New York website design firm does a great deal of fan page management for our clients. So, we’ve seen both fan abandonment and bombardment regarding content posting.

*Don’t post more than four times in one day: If there’s one item of advice regarding content bombardment, it’s that you should abstain from posting more than four times per day. Research has shown that any more posts than this will either have little effect on fan retrieval or blatantly irritate people. So, keep it simple for you, your business, and the acquisition of fans.

Get the fans you want for your Facebook fan page! You needn’t struggle with getting “liked,” not posting enough, or swamping the news feeds of innocent people. As always share compelling content that runs the gamut, compels user interaction, and demonstrates consistency.


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