Build Your Best Online Presence through Social Media

Build Your Best Online Presence through Social Media

But the truth is that the world has changed. And not participating in the conversation is a loud statement of its own to your customer base. You can’t control your branding message in any case because your customers are already talking about you online. The best you can do is to participate.”

Vanessa Fox, Marketing in the Age of Google: Your Online Strategy Is Your Business Strategy

The world certainly HAS changed and you’re either going to ebb and flow with it or become invisible.  And, as we discussed previously, the worst thing that can happen to the digital image of a company is to be invisible!

But, have no fear!!  It’s really not that hard to claim your stance in the social media arena, if you’re willing to “keep up with the Jones’s.”

DO not shut yourself off from social media

DO create a digital space and a “digital you” for your brand and business

DO consider the following AWESOME social media tips:

 1- FOCUS on a Realistic Amount of Social Media Sites:

It is a fact that individuals spend an absurd amount of time on social media sites, namely Facebook and Twitter.  Since these are “the big two” in the social media arena, it is critical to employ business pages on both.  If you’re not the most social media savvy individual, it will be seemingly overwhelming to even consider managing the likes of LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram as well.  Stick to a few at first.  The best way to learn social networks is literally to dive right in and DO!  So, get your feet wet and learn the cultural milieu of a realistic amount of sites.

 2- Build a SUPERSTAR Website:

If you don’t have a killer website to lead people back to from your social media campaigns, what good is that?  You need a website!  It’s your “home base” so to speak.  It’s the place where individuals are going to seek you first, truly.  Making sure your website is precisely designed to match the professional integrity, tone, and brand of your business is also a critical action.  Your social media campaign is undeniably important and powerful, but a website is the epicenter for all of these smart, savvy marketing tactics.

 3- Be Faithful to your Brand:

You are implementing a social media campaign because you, assumingly, want to acquire a loyal, mass following. Attaining loyal fans means enforcing loyalty outward as well.  Recognizing individuals who simply visit your social media, as opposed to hardcore fans, will make the difference.  By rewarding these fans with freebies, giveaways, and the like, you lock down your growing audience.

 4- Begin Blogging NOW:

Since you have a business, you’ll more than likely have regular updates regarding products, services, and promotions.  A BLOG is the perfect place to chat about these things in an approachable, friendly manner.  Blogs are also terrific for visitor engagement and garnering target clientele.  Further, you can integrate plugins that direct your visitors to all of your various social media platforms.

 5- Implement Visual Marketing:

We cannot stress the power of high-quality, relevant images in a successful social media campaign.  Social Media, in general, acts on our culture’s desire for convenient and immediate information management.  However, the reliance on visual marketing has elevated this immediacy regarding graphics.

 6- Connect Emotionally:

Solidifying an emotional commitment from clients is your ticket to lifetime loyalty.  We discussed the importance and power of visual marketing.  Coupling that feature with real, emotional content is a priceless value for both you and your followers.  Whether sharing personal stories about your business, or integrating high-impact, high-quality photos, locking down the emotional worth of your business will draw target clients and allow for meaningful product sharing.

 7- Give Away Cool Stuff:

This is not to say that you should start donating all of your products and services like your business is undergoing liquidation.  Really, once you’ve locked down a solid, mass following, you will have been paid the luxury of commitment.  That means that you will be able to use your business-minded discretion to gauge where freebies are warranted.

 8- Integrate Easy Payment Options:

If your business operates via ecommerce platform, ensuring easy payment methods is a super PLUS!  By easily linking your social media directly back to your ecommerce website, you can lead your visitor exactly back to the product they were looking for.  Also, by offering a number of payment options, you increase the convenience and likelihood for locking down a call to action.

Social Media is such a powerful tool on its own and, further, because it strengthens all other forms of digital marketing.  It’s probably cliché to say, “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to employ a smart, successful social media campaign!”  However, it really is true because there are countless individuals and businesses thriving via social media.  If it wasn’t true, do you REALLY believe there are THAT many rocket scientists out there???!!!!

At our Long Island, New York web design company, we practice the above techniques for our own social media campaign, as well as our clients.  It is certainly our JOB to stay fresh and innovative as a web design company.  However, as a business owner, it is also your duty to keep up with your competitors.

DO consider the above social media tips for your business!

DO integrate them to your online marketing campaign!

DO leverage your online presence NOW!


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