Bolster your Content Marketing with These Effective Strategies

Bolster your Content Marketing with These Effective Strategies

Given the explosive reliance on social platforms, the concept of content is an always evolving necessity! Whether you’re creating website content, blog content, or social media content, there’s a smorgasbord of material to account for. And, if you’re operating a business, the strategy and thought dedicated to said content has seemingly more at stake.

On Top Visibility’s Long Island, New York web design company manages the content for our own business, as well as a plethora of clients in various industries. As the industry of each client changes, so too shall the theme and overall nature of the content. However, one thing that always remains certain is that GREAT content is a PRIZED commodity for online marketing.

So, let’s consider some of the most effective strategies to bolster your online marketing campaign:


While blogs are certainly not the most pervasive form of content as of late, they are still certainly powerful and integral to business marketing. Most business websites possess a blog, simply because it’s a personalized, private home to share content in a completely unique way. You can design your blog however you like, share whatever/how much content you wish, as well as share it in a light-hearted, friendly manner.


Since 90% of information that gets transmitted to our brains is visual, it’s safe to say that we rely on imagery far more than we imagine. This fact is legitimized on the rampantly pervasive Facebook stream habitually. Most “likes,” “shares,” and “comments” on this platform are the result of a photo or visually-related post. That is all the more reason for you to begin weighing in on this visual marketing frenzy yourself. It’s not to say that you must do away with all text-related content! However, allow your visual cues to only reinforce and strengthen your language.


The concept of infographics plays directly into the captivating nature of visual marketing. Since imagery is so relied upon, sharing helpful, resourceful, and expert information about your company now just got that much more intriguing. Creatives are really banking on infographic usage, since they are rising as a top performer on social network sharing sites. Infographics are also considered one of the fastest budding forms of content marketing for B2B companies.


In case you’ve been living under a rock, memes and E-cards are GIGANTIC! These quickly-to-digest, often FUNNY, boxes of graphic glory are all the rage! And, it makes sense considering the ease of personalization, ability to be both intelligent and witty simultaneously, and share wildly on the Internet. However, creating a brand meme doesn’t always have to be funny. Some large companies are finding memes useful in endorsing large campaigns. The memes can be created regularly to count down the days until a final sale, special offer, or big giveaway.


Positing yourself as an expert without saying, “I’m an expert” is beautiful thing! And, how-to guides are a perfect means of facilitating this awareness. At our Long Island, New York website design company, we frequently publish blog posts regarding online marketing. And, we do so utilizing how-to guides because they’re easy to digest, and they also allow our team to shine. These kinds of posts can also pull from other concepts from this list. Perhaps you want to add snazzy visuals, videos, memes, or what have you! Those extra features will only reinforce the legitimacy and effectiveness of your how-to instructive.


Implementing photos and hand-drawn illustrations always bolster any text-related content, infographic, or blog post you might be promoting. These items act on the visually-centric nature of our society, specifically the visual marketing campaign we regularly endorse. Whether you’re featuring an authentic infographic, caricature style illustration, or professional graphic design, these elements only attract your user’s attention to your other content.


Maybe you’d like to demonstrate your STELLAR how-to guide via video! Utilizing various media, like video, allows for an always inviting and less traditional means of content output. And, again, video is a great resource for promoting all of your other content marketing strategies. Video also allows you to add your personalized touch, aesthetic, style, further reinforcing the brand your business represents.


Social PROOF is an excellent source of content marketing for your brand, especially in the form of testimonials. These public displays of business appreciation and value are irreplaceable and invaluable to your branded image. You can feel free to share these in various locations related to your content marketing strategy: your website, search engine reviews, and social media platforms as well.


Twitter is often the chosen social network for businesses, since it allows for simple, quick, information output on a regular basis. If you have a Twitter account, scheduling Twitter chats is a helpful way to reach your audience on a more influential and personable level. You can learn more about what your followers expect and appreciate, as well as how you can continue to market toward these needs.


Emails and newsletters serve as a great means to target your devoted fans and followers with useful information. Perhaps your company is giving away a special offer, holding a gala, or creating a unique and helpful article worthy of exclusive emails. This is the time to relay that information to your followers, with content that compels your fans to read. Think about the ways in which you will achieve this captivating nature

It’s plain to see that content comes in all shapes, sizes, and preferences. In order to expand your reach and account for everyone (while still utilizing the most pervasive and effective strategies), use all of the above! You can never go wrong with some healthy variety, and you will be sure to keep your followers on their toes!

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