The Big Dogs of SEO in 2014

The Big Dogs of SEO in 2014

When it comes to SEO, there are some factors that have always been prominent in reinforcing successful results.  It’s safe to say that content is one of the most integral game changers in the face of SEO and online marketing.  For years, we’ve seen how content has played a role in various aspects of SEO.  Whether it’s the content that you publish on your website, the content that comprises a blog, or the content that a company might create to acquire backlinks, content greatly affects your online business authority.

If you’ve ever considered search engine optimization (SEO) for your business, you’re definitely aware of the power of content.  But, it might be surprising to learn just how pervasive social media is in regard to your ranking, acquisition of target clientele, and general reach.

Consider the following SEO big dogs and how your business might fine tune a marketing campaign to include them:



There are a number of ways to enforce content for your business’s SEO strategy.  Your business should primarily focus on the technical factors of on-site SEO principles.  Ensuring that your website is built and coded properly is something that will directly affect your ranking and authority, as per Google.  Failing to address the technical concerns might set you up to not hit your target reach, or even get penalized.

Another important aspect of content is keyword research and content strategy.  You’re going to want to target a very specific niche within your industry.  Acquiring the precise keywords that your future clients are using in their search inquiries, and then using them in your content, will only strengthen their ability to find you.  You can use these keywords everywhere from the pages of your website, your blog, white paper, or any other document with published copy.

Content is also integral in the way your visitors experience your website, blog, or other publication.  When your content is approachable, well-articulated, and offers helpful information, people are going to be compelled to come back and listen to more.

Link Building

link building

One of the most effective sources of SEO is link building, which allows your business to familiarize your outside readers with your brand.  When it comes to link building, it is important to consider the quality of the link that you’re generating, as well as the quantity.  It should be noted that link building is a timely process, and not one that happens overnight.  Make sure that you’re finding blogs that are industry relevant, with authoritative figures in your field.  You can frequently comment and share their content, as a means of establishing a relationship with these important and well-respected sites.  So, as long as you’re working toward guest blogging on other sites, making relationships, and posting on like-minded industry blogs, your business will recognize a positive growth in your search engine ranking.

Social Media

social media

In recent years, social media has become one of the more prominent factors of successful SEO.  First off, social media directly affects your organic search marketing, which is a huge benefit to your ranking alone.  In addition, social media is a truly unique platform that individuals are favoring because it allows for them to keep up with a business in a more approachable, fast-paced community.

Think about your own personal social media use for a moment.  When you go to a business Facebook page and want to find out helpful information about a brand, you can probably acquire that information right there.  Or, there are a number of other avid customers who you might connect with.  In addition, the brand’s Facebook page can easily drive you toward their website, informing you with even more information about the brand.

Social media is even more fascinating in that it varies cross brand and industry.  No two strategies are the same recipe for success, which is both intimidating and reassuring.  But, engagement is one of the most important factors of successful SEO, and social media is the perfect solution for enticing user engagement.

The good thing about content, link building, and social media is that you can establish a strategy that marries all three of the above.  The reality of successful SEO is that all three factors should directly affect one another.  So, consider thinking more strategically about your content, link building, and social in a way that unites all powerful forces for your brand.


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