Best Ways to Dominate Email Marketing

Best Ways to Dominate Email Marketing

It’s common knowledge that email marketing is not nearly as engaging as social media or other marketing strategies.  However, your business needs to conduct thoughtful and effective emails, because email marketing is still the most pervasive form of digital communication for businesses to date.

We’re all victim to copious amount of spam that get deleted before you can even finish reading the email headline. Every day, countless emails get deleted and ignored from your account.  And, sometimes, many of these emails might be of interest if we’d given them a chance.  Don’t let your emails get misconstrued as junk, wasted time, or ignored altogether!

It’s your duty, as a business, to make sure that your emails compel readers to listen.  So, here are some tips on how you can dominate email marketing:

*Short & Sweet

short and sweet

Arguably one of the most important and effective tips in the world of email marketing, keep your content short and sweet.  In general, our attention spans are shrinking at rapid rates.  This means that we hardly have time to filter through relevant emails, much less read lengthy ones.  When it comes to emails, keeping your word count to a minimum is wise, both because people our attention is diminishing, in addition to stirring up urgency.

*Double Check

double check

When there are few graphics or flashy colors to detract from typos or poorly articulated language, it is within your best interest to double check your emails before sending.  Much like you wouldn’t send a college application without scrupulously reading and rereading before sending, you should enforce the same thoroughness with any of your emails.  Regardless of how formal or informal your business emails are, they are business.  And, even minor failures will be held against you.

*Respond Quickly

respond quickly

Just because your customers aren’t physically in front of you doesn’t mean they don’t deserve or want immediate attention.  In fact, email and the digital nature of our everyday lives translates directly into the need to respond that much faster to incoming emails.  You more than likely own a smartphone, which makes your mobile marketing part of your email marketing.  It’s all about customer service, whether you believe that your business is in the service industry or not.  Treating each incoming email with a sense of urgency not only tends to the immediate needs of customers, but also lets them know that they are regarded with care.

The important thing to keep in mind here is that emails, while often ignored and deemed a nuisance, are still rampantly dominating the digital world of business.  They are important and have the ability to elicit engagement, offer insight, and generate a call to action.  So, think wisely before you send out that dissertation-length email that you failed to proofread.

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