Become a Link Building ROCKSTAR

Become a Link Building ROCKSTAR

One of the best ways to market your own business is to be positively connected, or associated, with other big dogs in your industry. And, in regard to online marketing, the best way to acquire this CONNECTION is by link building.

Link building is essentially giving and receiving digital “shout outs” to other websites. It’s kind of like a “popular by association” concept. If a search engine (ahem, GOOGLE!) recognizes that your website is receiving inbound links from a Page Rank (PR) 5 website, well you’re KIND OF A BIG DEAL! Simply BECAUSE of your linking accolades, you are deemed a credible source in your industry; thus, your website will show up higher in Google searches, warrant business credibility, and draw increase traffic to your website.

There are a number of different methods to go about a link building campaign, but here’s a good list of beginner-friendly tactics to employ. Just be sure to LINK to this blog post after using some of these snazzy ideas!!! 😉

**Create ‘Top 10’ or ‘BEST OF’ Lists

Creating Lists on your blog is an effective way to acquire link building credit! Suppose you’re in the web design industry and you’re creating a “Top 10 web designers” blog post. By linking back to the respective web designers, on top of paying respect to their craft, you’re doing a wonderful service to your own business.

**Practice Page Rank DIVERSITY among Outbound Links

Of course, you want your website to give and receive links from high ranking websites with valuable Online Business Authority (OBA). However, Google considers it bad policy to strategically go after only one KIND of website. It’s sort of like not discriminating – you just DON’T and SHOULDN’T do it! Instead, try practicing diversity in all of your website link building. And, the proof will be in the pudding!

**Become Friendly with Social Media Power Users

Every industry has them – Power Users! Whether you’re in the online marketing industry, web design industry, or fashion industry, there are savvy and smart social media power users at the top! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like are rampant with individuals who you SHOULD follow, like, and, ideally, grow relationships with. By commenting frequently, tweeting toward, or sharing the content of these power users, you might very establish a real connection with them. And, this authentic connection with the powers that be is a priceless commodity for your OBA, link building campaign, and social media presence.

**Ask for your content to be SHARED

Sometimes, getting what you want only demands asking for it. And, link building is, SOMETIMES, that way. So, it really can’t hurt to try. You’re already on Twitter and Facebook, so ask your followers to kindly “tweet” or “share” your work. Maybe, you can even approach a social media power user and ask for a Retweet (RT) or share! You won’t know until you try.

**Employ Visual Media that Informs AND Teaches

With the growth and dependence of visual media in the marketing world, infographics have reigned supreme. However, an even more powerful visual medium is taking the infographic a step further. Consider the instructographic! This new and snazzy digital marketing concept takes all of the wonderful visual and informative elements of the infographic a step further. Not only does the instructographic inform, it also teaches. And, being able to learn and legitimately take something away from your display is a critical marketing WIN!

**Distribute your Content in Multiple Formats

Think of multiple format distribution as a way to target all demographics without compromising your strategy. By allowing individuals to view your content via blog article, video, PDF document, and the like, you grant yourself the opportunity to reach an extended network of people. Some individuals won’t have access to PDF documents, while other won’t have access to audio. By allocating your message in various formats, you not only display your innovative abilities, but also encourage a greater target reach for yourself.

**When in Doubt, Shout OUT

Flatter the biggest egos of your industry- seriously!! Everyone values a great compliment and business flattery is no different. If you’re, let’s say, working in the web design industry, you might consider shouting out some of the web design big-wigs across the country. At OTV’s Long Island, New York web design firm, we frequently do this in blog posts regarding relevant online marketing matters. This is a terrific way to formulate REAL relationships with important, valuable individuals, as well as acquire backlinks from individuals with admirable Online Business Authority.

**Present your website in a contest

Previously on this list, we mentioned hosting a “top 10” or “best of” list on your very own blog or website. However, you should also consider your own website among other blog contests on the web. Check out the top blogs throughout your industry, do a Google search, or even contact some of the “big-wigs” asking them for their advice (of course, following a compliment!! See ABOVE!). You might just gain the respect and notoriety you need by actually making it on one of these lists. And, the backlink opportunities will be incredible.

**Do Something Remarkable

Yes, it’s a lot easier said than done. But, doing “something remarkable” doesn’t always mean discovering the cure for a rare disease. We’ve mentioned this on other blog posts before. Talk about anything worthy of news attention. Be bold! A little controversy never hurt anyone either. Mustering up some friendly, harmless discourse on a blog is one of the best ways to attract an audience. And, in the digital landscape, even controversy is good publicity; because, chances are, for those who DON’T AGREE with you, there are just as many individuals (if not more) who DO AGREE with you!

*Provide Testimonials

This is sort of in the same vain as shouting out a top guru in your industry, except with regard to a product or service. Giving helpful insight to your community is a great way to spark appreciation as a consumer, yourself, and maybe even form relationships with those businesses professionally.

The backlink game is JUST that….a game! There is no ONE way to lock down backlinks, which makes it both an attractive and overwhelming task. However, trial and error is the best way to see what is working. In the meantime, consider the above tactics in your online marketing endeavors, and become a link building ROCKSTAR authority!!!

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