6 Golden Rules of Web Design

6 Golden Rules of Web Design

If you’ve got a website, you probably want people to visit it, like it, share it, and spread marketing love.  Now, whether you’re a food blogger or a Fortune 500 company, you’ve spent time and money on this website.  So, it’s within your best interest to control some simple marketing tactics that guarantee to leverage your online presence. 

Take a look at the following golden rules of web design and ask yourself whether you’re employing these things on your website:

1- Keep content SIMPLE

Think about your own attention span for a moment.  If you’re anything like the majority of digital users, you’re not going to want to sit and read boring, drawn-out content.  Your website content should most definitely acquiesce to this basic fact.  Keep it brief, keep it simple, and make it powerful.  If you visit the websites of any of the most famous brands, like Nike or Apple, you’re going to notice that their content is meaningful and right to the point.

2- Make User Navigation FLUID and Quick

You need to think about your users and how easy it is to navigate your site.  Depending on your field, you have very precise calls to action that you want your clients to fulfill.  Whether it’s filling out a form or even making a purchase online, you need to ensure that your technical developers have designed a user friendly and super easily navigated website.  Aside from providing an enjoyable user experience, you’re also building meaningful relationships.

3- SEO is your BEST friend

If you’ve got a website, but you don’t employ an SEO campaign to draw in organic traffic, you’re cutting business potential in half (or even more!).  Everything from title tags, site map, heading titles, and descriptions should most definitely be filled out.  In addition, if you have the financial means to employ SEO experts, do so!  You can climb to the top pages of search engines, achieve online business authority, attract the right customers, and receive ultimate business success with a strategized SEO plan.




4- Be true to your brand

Authenticity is critical to your brand.  Everything from the language you choose to use, the photos you post on your blog, and the manner in which you deliver customer service should be a product of your genuine self.  Give your customers more of yourself by using REAL photos of your product and team.  Grant them the customer service that they need and want by being up to speed on your Facebook and Twitter.

5- Be Mobile-Friendly

Today’s digital user is more likely to be going about their business via mobile device, and that’s just a fact.  It is your priority to make sure that your website is designed for PC, smart phone mobile devices, and basic WAP phones.  This means that your developer must create three versions of your site that work seamlessly and engage your users.  If you’re not keeping up with the Joneses, your prospective and current customers are that much more likely to lose patience and move on to the next one.  So, ensure precise mobile functioning of your site.

6- Track your success

The fact that your website has been built and functions well does not mean that it doesn’t need fine-tuning now and again.  Track your progress with Google analytics or any other free service.  You can clearly see the numbers here via weekly reports to understand who/how/where people are visiting your site.  These factual pieces of information are quite valuable, as you can analyze and improve on your shortcomings.

The above web design rules are tried and true.  Take it from a New York web design company, who has built, assessed, and maintained an innumerable amount of client websites.  If you have a website, make sure you’re doing the above, if nothing else!  

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