6 Essential Elements of Client Building

6 Essential Elements of Client Building

Regardless of the industry you serve, your business will almost ALWAYS have to embark on some form of client relations. Whether you’re a top-notch gym in San Jose, California or an innovative online marketing company on Long Island, New York, dealing with clients is a habitual behavior. And, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, immaculate client communication and customer service are paramount to your future success.

So, you want more clients? Of course you do! Every established and growing business wants to engage in some positive client building. After all, the more clients you acquire translates to increased revenue and widespread loyalty.

The secret to client building is that THERE IS NO SECRET.

In order to reign supreme in the client building world, you needn’t search far for tactics. Our basic, influential and persuasive psychology will lend itself to the ‘SECRETS’ of ROCKSTAR client building.

1- Mutual Sharing

When we were younger, we learned that it was the right thing to do to “return the favor.” Whether you’re giving a gift, inviting a family over for dinner, or a business reaching out to clients, this ideal of “SHARING” will harness value, loyalty, and trust.

As a business, it’s not to say that you should go around giving hand-outs left and right. But, a few unexpected and thoughtful freebies make people feel pretty awesome. It doesn’t matter what industry your business resides – this ideal is tried and TRUE! And, the more time and money you invest in this cause, the more effective it will obviously be.

GIVE and you shall RECEIVE!

2- Reliability

One of the most desirable things about a great business is the notion of reliability. Think of your favorite local lunch and dinner spot. Every time you walk in and order your sandwich, the product is always as good as the time before, the people are always as friendly and inviting as you remember, and the experience is simply consistent.

On a larger scale, consider the hugely acclaimed empire that is APPLE. Everything from the quality of the products, courtesy of the customer service, and efficiency of the in-store care projects consistency. It’s the same great experience every time!

Now you need to employ this very same reliability upon your own business. Again, the field or industry that you serve should make no difference upon delivering a solid and consistent experience for your clients. This consistency is what upholds expectation, keeps them coming back, and spreading the word.

3- Social Legitimacy

So, that new Asian fusion restaurant in town looks pretty good, but you want to make sure it’s actually delicious before you drop $50. What do you do? You “GOOGLE IT,” of course, check for all Google Reviews, and perhaps even visit their social media platforms. Everyone does this – it’s called seeking social legitimacy before committing and regretting.

One of the most evident ways to see how “LEGIT” a business might be is to visit their social media platforms. How many fans/followers/likes do they have on Facebook and Twitter? This number, while controversial, is an arguably good indicator of credibility. However, there are other ways to bolster this legitimacy, that don’t depend on a numerical figure.

For any business, the best way to control social legitimacy is to acquire some good old testimonials. The testimonial is not a dying breed, contrary to what anyone says. People are still flocking to read Google Reviews about any given business, and a ROCKSTAR review might just help you obtain clients faster than you think.

4- Affable, Well-Rounded Qualities

Have you ever noticed an immediate connection with someone you just met, simply because you share the same hometown, morals, or even high school? Sometimes, seemingly insignificant (and obviously grandiose) factors aid in attracting us to people or places.

This same attraction can be translated to your business and the kind of/amount of clients you obtain. Providing this “bonding” experience to your client building campaign simply means being genuine. People of all walks of life respect and admire authenticity. Marketing yourself accurately on your social media, your website, and above all during face-to-face communication will pronounce your affable, well-rounded nature.

5- Authority

When you want that scrumptious vanilla cupcake from the new cupcake joint in town, you don’t try to attempt to make it at home. WHY? Because even if you’ve got some kitchen chops, you want THAT particular cupcake.

Clients seek any business because the business possesses something they don’t have. Whether it’s a cupcake, medical prescription, or a 60-minute massage, your business flourishes on its relative authority. As such, it’s always helpful to your client building campaign to bank off of this authority, which also boosts your integrity.

Acquiring authority doesn’t have to translate to an “us” and “them” dynamic. By simply highlighting your credibility with diplomas, awards, honors, degrees, and other markers of your expertise, you SHOW people that you’ve acquired the credibility to give them what they need. And, this is the kind of authority that clients value, admire, and respect.

6- Limitations on Valuable Offers

Keep your clients on their toes!!!!

It keeps them coming back for more. FACT! By implementing a little harmless “scarcity” regarding your business, products, and services, you compel clients to act NOW.



3-DAY EXCLUSIVE Promotion!

And, limitations like the above project a sense that what you have is a desirable commodity to clients and prospective clients.

Creating a ROCKSTAR client building campaign essentially means being reliable, likeable, and genuine, so your business should be able to tailor its reputation to lock down clients. While there isn’t one solution to building a client base, there is a strategic agenda: Be the best representation of yourself, always coming from a place of YES and SUCCESS. This mentality will not only create strength and poise for your business, but also open your eyes to all of the potential client relationships you have authority of acquiring.

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