5 Social Media Tips for the New Year

5 Social Media Tips for the New Year

Happy New Year! 

Another New Year is upon us and another resolution that, hopefully, doesn’t get swept under the carpet.  Well, at least you can take charge of your resolutions regarding your business!

As digital marketing is becoming more and more of the route individuals utilize, it is integral to deploy smart social media campaigns.  At our Long Island, New York website design company, we know this is a reality because we live it every day.  This New Year, think about how you can implement just 5 simple ideas regarding your social media campaign:

1-Use the social media BIG-WIGS to your Advantage:

It’s obvious that Facebook and Twitter are the two big guys on campus.  As a business, you need to focus your energy on these hot spots to gain the massive, target clientele your business needs.  It’s not to say that LinkedIn, Pinterest, and the rest of them are not important, because they most certainly are.  However, use your time wisely and efficiently in cross marketing, via social media, as a means at leveraging your online presence.  With fresh and unique content linked to all of these outlets, in conjunction with your specified audience on each network, your business presence is guaranteed to grow and prosper.

2- Use Photos and the Power of VISUAL MARKETING:

Pinterest, a photo/blog archiving site, is rapidly rising on the social media success rate.  Why is this so?  Well, it exists primarily as a digital pin board, whereby folks can bookmark enticing, interesting, and compelling photos.  This site caters to the very core of our cultural desire for immediate and easy-to-digest information:  PHOTOS.  They’re visual and, when pretty to look at, they surpass elements of language-related content.  USE THIS as a tip in your marketing campaign.  By using fresh, high-quality photos throughout your social media campaigns, you will attract clients simply based on the immediacy of visual marketing.

3- Begin Blogging, Continue Blogging, & Blog MORE:

You blog, they blog, we all blog!!!  And, if you don’t, you NEED to start!  As a business, blogging is just another important tool to heighten your online presence.  Further, a business will more than likely have product/service updates on the regular, which is a terrific time to blog in a friendly, time-sensitive manner.  Loyal clients will follow you and will come to expect your updates, especially if you blog and comment on competitor blogs and/or industry-related blogs.  Aside from creating useful pages of content related to your business, your blog and your presence among the blogosphere are vital in gaining natural, “KEY” followers in your industry.

4- Be a GOOD SAMARITAN to Your Loyal Fans:

If you use social media tactics and employ them wisely, there’s a GREAT opportunity for you to gain a massive following.  As such, it is important to “pay it forward,” as it were, and give back to your loyal community.  SPECIAL OFFERS, GIFTS, and the like are just some of the ways you can further reinforce your awesome social media presence and gain an even larger online following.


Why?  WHY NOT?!?!?!  Your social media campaign is only as strong as the website it leads back to.  Your business website is your “HOME BASE!”  You need to make sure it’s as pretty, informative, innovative, and user-friendly as your awesome social media presence.  Plus, this is the “hub” to market and promote all of those other online marketing campaigns.  Your website is, essentially, the key to your online business presence.  Make it sharp and make it YOUR own unique platform.

The NEW YEAR is the perfect time to implement a revamp of your online self!  Consider these social media tips for your online presence and, further, your online business success!


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