The 3 Essential Ingredients to Successful Social Media

The 3 Essential Ingredients to Successful Social Media

The world of social media is rampant with lists, rules, and tips on how to succeed in social media. If you are a business, looking to market your company and increase online visibility, there are certainly a number of things you could do to facilitate your social media campaign. However, at the end of the day, there are three simple elements which you must always enforce throughout your strategy.

Consider these three elements as the social media ingredients to your company’s success. Alone, they are important in their own right. But, together, they comprise a larger and more powerful entity: the digital YOU!

1- Connection:

Take a moment and think about your favorite businesses and brands as they exist in the physical world. When you step into your favorite local restaurant or clothing store, what is the customer service like? More often than not, you love these businesses because they cater to you at every angle. Whether it’s the overt customer service, the convenience, the accessibility, or the mood, you’re IN for the long haul based off of this sense of CONNECTION.

The digital connection is really no different. Your social media is your opportunity to reach out and connect proactively and on a most unique level. Interact with your followers and future followers on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t just throw content at them and walk away. Your favorite restaurant certainly wouldn’t throw your meal down on the table without a warm greeting, intermittent conversation, and attentiveness to your overall happiness. So, you should do the same.

2- Worth:

The reason we favor certain brands over others, aside from stellar client care, is because the business provides a significant amount of worth. Whether it’s the product, service, or the unique and helpful content on their Facebook/Twitter/blog, you are coming back for more.

Your social media is the perfect place to continue this worth sharing via helpful content. Maybe you’re running a special, or a loyal follower asked an important question about your services. Share your information and in a timely manner. Your product/service is already desirable if you’ve got followers, so reinforce this worth with creative content on social.

3- Publicity:

While we’ve spoken a great deal about not delegating your business’ social media entirely toward shameless plugs, you do need to facilitate a fair amount of self-promotion. You’ve got a lot going on in regard to social media, with Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and the rest of it. Your personal shout outs to your company should only consist of up to 10% of your total social content.

Take a minute and imagine the glorious world of television for a moment. There are a fair amount of commercials throughout the programming and, while you might not always want/need that content, the program certainly does. Your self-promotional social media posts should be easily likened to these commercials. Your followers need you to share some of your business’s personal information, in order to reinforce your other unique posts. At the end of the day, it’s all about balance.

You need to find the right system of self-promotional posts, which engages your followers, and proves your value to them. Fusing your connection, worth, and marketing strategies throughout your social campaign will be a challenge. However, these ingredients are vital to the overall success of your recipe: your business’s stellar social media presence.

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