3 Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Should Explore in 2017

3 Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Should Explore in 2017

The online marketing landscape is always changing. While this means that you’ll always have new opportunities to deliver your content and generate sales, it can be a challenge for some businesses to keep up. To be successful, it’s important to stay on top of important trends. As this year draws to a close, we’re making a few predictions for digital marketing trends in 2017. When you work with one of the finest firms for social media marketing Long Island has to offer, you’ll be in a great position to utilize these trends to your advantage. Here are just three web marketing trends to focus on next year:

    • Live video streaming
      Although video streaming has been around for a little while, more businesses are starting to take advantage. Much of Facebook’s growth this year can be attributed to its live video streaming feature, which has been shown to have much better rates of engagement than other tactics. It’s a method that holds a lot of promise because it keeps your audience engaged for a much longer period of time. It’s a way to let viewers feel like they’re a part of a community. Yet, it makes the content feel exclusive. While live streaming is still being developed and refined, it’s a concept that has a lot of possibilities. Expect to see more brands embracing and experimenting with live streaming next year.
    • Exclusive, expiring content
      One interesting development in digital marketing trends is the widespread use of content that has a built-in expiration date. You might think that you’d want social media marketing efforts to last as long as possible to reach a wider audience for a longer length of time, but some brands are embracing fashionable platforms like Snapchat and Whatsapp to market their content in more exclusive ways. Depending on your branding, the use of disappearing content may be a way to reach new customers and make your products seem more restricted. While some companies may want to seem accessible to a wide audience, being more exclusive may actually help your business. Many brands have successfully used this tactic for social media to drive sales and deliver their message more effectively. As one of the most respected companies for social media marketing on Long Island, we can help you to identify which platforms and tactics will work best for your business.
    • Continued mobile marketing
      Mobile optimization has been a must for a number of years, but brands need to have a continued focus on mobile marketing efforts next year. More people are using their phones to search and find businesses and products than ever before. It’s been predicted that by 2018, mobile search spending will reach $28.41 billion, which means that it makes up 85.9% of the entire digital search advertising market in the United States. Thus, it’s a highly important means of web traffic — one you cannot ignore. Not only should your web design be entirely optimized for mobile users, but you need to start thinking about gearing your advertising strategy specifically towards mobile use. When you show up in local searches conducted on phones as well as mobile ads and mobile-based searches, users who use their smartphones to conduct their research will know about you and will be more likely to trust your brand.

If your business could use a boost in the new year, we can help. As the most knowledgeable experts on SEO, web development, and social media marketing Long Island has to offer, we can create a tailor-made strategy that will help your company succeed. Contact us today to find out more and set up an appointment.

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